Its name comes from the Vikings, the most violent among them, command group of Scandinavian warriors.

The beginnings of the band go back to the year 1993 (February). Taking many performances in and around San Miguel, making incursions into Capital.

Thus, on Wednesday 14 December, 1994 recorded a CD in "Via Cerino" with four themes, which has a good distribution among the people following the band.

In 1995, with changes, they participating in the compiled "Dando Vuelta la Realidad" with two themes: "Muerte, Moneda de hoy" and "Traición a la Fe" edited by "Estudio Ocho". They continue playing and sharing dates with local bands, and joins the support of radio and fanzines, thereby creating a movement that today has a very sharp growth in the entire area west of San Miguel, Moreno, Paso del Rey, and reaching other parts of the Gran Buenos Aires.

1996 was a year of many performances, playing with bands like: Logos and Lethal in places of Capital and the Gran Buenos Aires.

In July 1998 finish recording his album whith eight tracks, who edited entitled: "Asesino Criminal", published in an independent manner by the band. With good reviews and public acceptance.

In 2001 the band decided to publish a CD with tracks in live recorded in La Fuente which is named "Decapitando Gatos en Vivo en La Fuente", which has 7 songs plus two cover, one of V8 (Muy cansado estoy), and another of Led Zeppelin (Moby Dick).

In the same year playing in the first edition of the Buenos Aires Under Festival, alongside bands like Dislepsia.

Finally in mid-year 2007 the band publishes his latest album "Resumen de la Locura". Of which has been making a distribution among the fans of the band, specialized media and rockeries in the area. This material has 10 songs including ¨La ciudad¨ and ¨Salgo de San Miguel¨ (for more information visit the Discography section of this site).

Under Licenci: GFDL
  • Gastón Oliva: Batería
  • Raúl «La Bruja» Hermosa: Guitarra y Voz
  • Jorge Jose: Bajo
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